These two doctors and strong cyclists met during their medical studies.  Originally from Connecticut, Todd is now doing his residency in emergency medicine in Chicago.  He has cycled Lookout about five times on a borrowed bicycle and rides well coming from lower altitude to riding at 7,000’ elevation without the training that he used to enjoy in his younger years as a cyclist and a cross country skier.  If he looks familiar to anyone from New York, you may have previously run into his twin brother.  

Lucine grew up in Golden and graduated from Golden High School.  She finished up her medical studies at Rocky Vista and was working on a residency in general surgery when she decided to switch to anesthesiology.  Her recent residency relocated her to Portland, Maine.  When she was doing some graduate work at CU Anschutz in 2017, she received an award for the best graduate work, concentrating on the progression of Type 2 diabetes at the cellular level.

Lucine’s many favorite bike routes include riding over Independence Pass before cars are permitted in the spring, riding out to the Maroon Bells outside Aspen and an international family trip to Austria, Slovenia and Italy where a cyclist can ride on paths that parallel the auto roads.