Friend Susan Rome, rode up Lookout on the inaugural co-adventure of Susan Jenkins and Ms. Jenkin’s rescue dog, Buddy.  This is one happily bumpy* puppy-backpacking profile.  Buddy and Susan J. evoke smiles from other cyclists on the mountain.  Buddy maintains a somewhat dissociated deadpan expression, but is very content not to be left home alone as his separation anxiety from being a rescue can be overwhelming for him.  He just barks his appropriately borrowed expression “Let’s ride!” and off they go… 

Susan saw a lot of the country when she was young since she was part of a family in the military.  (Her Dad was a pharmacist.)  Many of her formative years were spent in Rochester, New York with frequent visits to the beautiful Finger Lakes in the upstate NY region. Graduating from SUNY-Brockport with a degree in elementary education, she specialized in teaching Spanish to many students, but has taught Kindergarten through twelfth grade at different times.  She home schooled her own three children for five years.  They include a a son, Miles (who is a Navy veteran, a boat mechanic and a heavy metal drummer in San Diego), a daughter, Maiah, (who is an in-house counsel in London) and a daughter Christiana (who co-owns the Soko Salon here in Denver).  

She started her athletic career as a runner (qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 3:38) but also became a triathlete (completing the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon) and an ultra-swimmer (3 miles in Lake Ontario).  She loves to visit and run in Spanish-speaking countries including some islands in the Caribbean.

Whew!  If that is not enough, she now works as a nanny.

  •  Susan slows for the speed bumps because there are four inside the Golden city limits at the bottom of the Lookout climb.