These two women admit to being Lookout regulars. 

Maree- on the right- has been riding Lookout for over twenty years.  She is a Denver native and owns her own business-  Hair People Salon.  Her husband laughs at the fact that she never keeps track of her rides or her times, but she just enjoys the freedom of riding the mountain.  She does try to alert any other riders of potential upcoming problems for cyclists (cars, other riders, deer, rattlesnakes, tourists on foot, etc…..).  She especially enjoys the variation of her Lookout rides-dictated by the weather, the time of day and her riding partner or partners on that day.  Fortunately she has not experienced any accidents while riding here and enjoys the smiles, head nods, cheers and friendly waves of the Lookout riders.

Maree has finished the Triple Bypass four times, has ridden RAGBRAI in Iowa and has cycled in Italy.  

I hope to get some information about Kristina soon and I shall add it promptly.