At 86 Years old, Dr. Ross Wesley has been running up Lookout Mountain on Tuesdays for a long, long time.  Originally from Pennsylvania and educated at Temple University, he has lived in Arizona or Colorado since 1979 and he has been regularly visiting Lookout for the last 30 years. 

Educated at Temple University, he became a pediatric physician and worked in public health on Indian reservations close to Phoenix, serving the Pima, Apache, Maricopa and Hopi tribes.  Here in Denver he was affiliated with National Jewish Hospital.  He became an asthma and allergy specialist, working his last 32 years for Kaiser.

He finished the Ralston Creek half Marathon in the recent past and, since he has specialized at that distance, he has run a series of races outside all our national parks (except the Everglades and he just missed a half marathon outside Mount Rushmore with a foot infection).  So all totaled, he has run the distance outside 19 national parks (and 175 races in all) since he was 42 years old.  

Thank you for your service, Dr. Wesley.  it was great talking to you.