Yonny was  the thirty third employee hired by OOFOS and is the midwest field marketing person for them.  He has been here in Denver for the last year, having lived in places like east Los Angeles, Mexico, DeKalb, IL and Naperville, IL.  He ended up in this business because he ran cross country and track while in school and then coached both those sports in addition to steeplechase at North Central College.  He also competed in the Chicago Cyclocross Series.  His present bicycle is a replacement for his BMC bicycle that Floyd Landis used to ride.  Unfortunately, an unnamed shipping company (whose initials are UPS) lost his treasured old bike. 

In any case, Yonny is holding one of the products that sell here in the Denver area at many footwear and sportswear outlets.  The shoes, clogs, sliders etc promise to return 37% more energy to your feet when you walk on them thanks to their patented foam.  The key word here is recovery.  The footwear is not designed for your workouts as much as it is designed for you to RECOVER from your workouts….or just your daily routine.  A friend who already wears the footwear swears by their comfort.  

Yonny is not hard to spot at the bottom of Lookout.  Say hello to him if you see him.  He is is an avid cyclist and a good salesman.