This day, when one of the Team Evergreen riders asked me as he passed whether I had seen the mountain lion, was a very busy day on Lookout Mountain for a weekday.

These two fellows met at a 24 Hour Fitness Gym.  One can climb up with speed and one can descend with nerves of steel.  

Luis, on the right in the above photograph, blazed up Lookout in 28:00.  He is a video producer and an instructor who attended the Colorado Media School in the Denver Tech Center. 

Eric grew up in Ken Caryl Ranch and graduated in 2002 from the Colorado School of Mines- when, he said, the school was about a quarter of the size that it is now.  He is the rapid descender as he has reached 62 miles an hour going down Highway 40 as it loses elevation toward Denver.  He allowed as how his uphill PR on Lookout was set when he was….well….just a tad bit younger and a tad bit lighter.  He works in operations for Vivint Home Security Systems.  

When we discussed favorite bike routes, most of the names were local trails- Green Mountain, Lair of the Bear, Apex and the loop including the C470 path, the Platte and Bear Creek.  

Thank you both for your time and your interesting perspectives.  Keep up your inspiring cycling.