Caleb and Barry may be on opposite ends of different scales personally, but they seemed to enjoy each others’ company in a pinch.  Barry was handling a “couple flat tires” situation on Lookout when Caleb stopped to help out.   

Sixty four year old Barry used to be a motorcycle and dirt bike rider who enjoyed riding up to Rollins Pass.  He has been in Colorado for 50 years after growing up in the District of Columbia area.  He retired from handling workers’ compensation claims recently and, with fully inflated tires and a surprising personal awareness that he can ride more than seven miles in a single outing, climbs Lookout Mountain on his bicycle.  

Caleb, originally from Fort Collins, grew up on the east coast, but went to college at the University of the Redlands in California.  He has been a personal trainer for a post graduate year before accepting a job as a lab technician at National Jewish Hospital here in Denver. He enjoys riding down by Trinidad and climbing Mount Evans.

I really enjoyed talking with both of these cyclists because they both had positive attitudes and friendly demeanors.  Thank you for your time and your relaxed smiles.