Even with a minimal initial conversation with him, it is easy to learn that Byron Swezy is a self motivated, self-made man.  He became interested in video production when he was in ninth grade in Northern Virginia (the Washington DC area).  He has provided video production (DragonFruitVideo.com) for both the Leadville 100s-  Mountain Bike and Trail Run for the last eight years…..and that is just the tip of his 35 year video production iceberg.  All you have to do to convince yourself of his extensive expertise is to google Lifetime Video Event and click on the Leadville Trail 100.  You will get both links to the trail run and the mountain bike race to watch.  One of his larger efforts is the Sea Otter Classic in California.  It is three hundred cycling races in four days.  It takes 12-16 people to cover everything.  

But his heart belongs to Summit County.  For 20 years he videoed Montezuma’s Revenge, a 24 hour solo mountain bike race, centered five miles from the Keystone Ski Area under the auspices of CBST Adventure (which he recently sold).  He believes that Summit County, with its five mountain passes and the intersection of the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail is one of the best places to live in the world. 

But if you are under the misconception that he has limited his own physical adventures, you are mistaken.  He has cycled in eighteen countries.  Included in his solo adventures, has cycled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi…..and, in the 1990’s, has ridden the length of Cuba.  Though he has spent most of his cycling adventures in Southeast Asia, he really lit up when he mentioned riding in Turkey.  At 55 years old, it seems that he is just getting started for many more years of personal and commercial adventure.