Riding friends Suzanne and Ed (the photo bomber in the background) have been riding together as Team Evergreen members for twelve years.  Ed has already been profiled, so he took the “backseat” in the above photo.  

Suzanne originally hails from Madison, Wisconsin.  She grew up in a family of nine children, six of whom were brothers- so she knows how to personally hold her own in just about any situation.  None of the nine ever smoked and they all participated in individual sports.  Suzanne attended the University of Wisconsin and then headed for Vail in 1988 in her $3,000 car.  She lived in Vail until 1999 and got in plenty of skiing. Though she started cycling in Vail on a mountain bike, she eventually acquired a road bike and “never looked back”.    

She has twenty-two-year-old twins- Ashley, who was a state criterium champion as a junior racer and Bennett, who is presently a staff sergeant (in the US Army, I think).  Her twenty year old is Chloe, who graduated summa cum laude in nursing and is presently working in Steamboat Springs as an EMT.   

Suzanne has finished the Double Triple Bypass and made a reference to being “loco en la cabeza” for summitting  Mount Evans on her bicycle four weekends in a row.  I am not sure what “tough as nails, physically” is in Spanish, but she is that also.