Seventy year old Van Leighton grew up on a horse ranch Southeast of Raton.  When asked if he was a horse person, he chuckled and said that he had no choice in that situation….so yes, he was a horse person.  He graduated from the University of New Mexico and did his graduate work at CSU in geology.  He worked for Texaco and Amoco and then consulted for 20 years.  

Lookout and Genesee are two of his favorite cycling haunts and he has posted a 28:05 on Lookout when he was 62 years old.  

He started cycling when he lived in Houston by getting a Peugeot, but said that, at the time, cycling in urban Houston was “challenging”.  Van has ridden the Triple Bypass five times and still loves his visits to the Moab area.  His current Trek is a 2008 model and is still providing a smooth ride up the mountain.

Thanks for your time, Van. You appear to have many more good years of riding left in you.