Saturday certainly was a fun day on Lookout.  I ran into Lance at the Beverly Heights Parking Lot.  In addition to his own training on the mountain, he agreed to pace Bob Shaver’s daughter, Anne, to the top in a time trial.  Her last attempt to get a PR was waylaid by a stop on the way up.  So the two of them took off at a brisk pace.  Bob and I ran into Christie Hurst, who was descending but turned around, on the way up.  She was riding multiple laps on a beautiful day for riding.  Though she has started her elementary school teaching for the year, she  is hoping to participate in an off road multi day event over the Labor Day weekend.  Bob was recovering from a few days being out of sorts, but had given blood two days prior to our ride.  I had nary a single excuse, but was still Mr. Slowbutsteady.  

Anne managed a  bout a 27:40 thanks to Lance’s encouragement to gear up and sprint as the the road flattened toward the top.  Bob and Anne then rode on over toward Highway 40.  Lance turned and joined his usual cycling contemporaries part of the way down the mountain and Christie had another lap and a half to ride before heading home.  This was a fun group ride for all of us, I believe.

Photo courtesy of Christian, the impromptu photographer.  Thanks so much.