This was not just a group of friends riding, this was a party on wheels.  These people not only ride together, they also dance.

Ricky, on the electric bike on the left is a 74 year old teacher who has survived CoVid.

Dan, whose wife Kenja is on the right, is a Software Engineer from Nebraska.

Mike, looking down to his left, is a physicist is from London, but he has lived in France and Italy.   

Sandy, who is “normal”, is a teacher originally from Michigan.  She has cycled in Croatia.  

And Dan’s wife, Kenja, is originally from Caracas, Venezuela where she was an attorney.  She is now a realtor, a housewife and a grandmother.

Some or all in the group have ridden RAGBRAI and recommend the tour around Crater Lake in Oregon.

Thanks, folks.  It was my pleasure to chat with all of you.