Brea was riding her initial lap on Lookout Mountain this morning.  She grew up in the Central Valley of California and moved to Colorado ten years ago because some of her relatives already lived here.  She had started riding as a way to commute.  She went to Humbolt College in Pennsylvania and now works as a hair stylist.

Todd is currently working as a plumber, having grown up on the coast of Alabama and having attended the University of Southern Alabama.  He started riding on his BMX bicycle and eventually began to tour solo through the rural South.  He graduated to bike packing and entered the mostly off road race from Fort Collins to Trinidad. The course is 600 miles of mostly off road cycling and, with the guidance of the GPS on your phone, it is mostly solo riding.  Unfortunately he got CoVid two days into the event and had to drop out.  The winner took only about four to five days to finish, riding even at night and getting minimal periods of sleep in primitive conditions between maximal days of seat time on the bike.