These fellows not only ride together, they also work together.  When trying to remember the name of the firm, some clients pick out the name Hall and Oates, but the actual name of the firm is Hall and Evans, Attorneys at Law.  All three of these cyclists/attorneys are just about forty years old.  

Drew, on the left, grew up in Denver and attended Denver East High School before getting an undergrad degree from CSU and a law degree from DU.  He is a road and mountain biker who enjoys the climb up Apex.  He once entered the Bannock Criterium and quickly realized how fast the racers fly through the corners- risking life and limb. Good enough.  Back to the hills.

Mike In The Middle broke his leg just two and half months ago and had to forego the race up Mount Evans this year- which he previously has ridden in just a smidge over three hours. Mike grew up on Long Island and has ridden in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

And then there is Keith.  As you might have guessed, Keith grew up playing basketball and did not take up bicycle riding until just over a year ago thanks to the CoVid slow down.  But he has climbed to the top of Mount Evans on a flat bar bike with tennis shoes on his feet.  Keith grew up in Littleton and attended Heritage High School ultimately getting his law degree from CU. 

Thanks for your time, guys.  It is good to see you cycling up Lookout Mountain.