My two most memorable climbs up Lookout Mountain were identically timed at 24:35.  Neither race resulted in a podium finish, but I felt were the best I could ever do.  A health issue ended those times the next year and have lengthened ever since.  A previous race taught me a valuable lesson.  In that one I backed off and let the group go ahead.  I finished nine seconds behind them.  Never again have I looked at heart rate to determine what I can do.

Unfortunately racing and hard training limit the enjoyment of the beautiful views on the climb.  Then descending limits watching the scenery as the brake pads overheat, and their piercing screams distract.  Plus the speed and curves make concentration necessary.  Upon writing this I realize I could go up Lookout Mountain more slowly and take pleasure in the surroundings.  Maybe I will do that.  Whether riding at my limit or slower I find the the climb great for keeping as fit as possible.

-Phil Coons-

Ed Note:  A memorable quote form Phil previously is- “If you are going to exchange one addiction for another, make the new choice cycling.”