One thing I really enjoy about this job is talking to people who tell me a story that I completely did not expect.  This is the case with the two people you see here, Ben and Terra Edgington.  

Ben is holding an ax because he is the 2018 World Ax Throwing Champion.  Did you even know that there are World Championships in Ax Throwing?  And that Denver may host the 2022 World Championships in December??……me neither- until Ben schooled  me.

He trains at Bad Ax Throwing at 70th and Washington.  The two inch bullseye of the target is normally twelve feet away from the thrower (one rotation of the ax), but he has even stuck a triple rotation from more distance.  The ax is not light either.  His pride and joy (Ax-wise) is specifically remade to tight design, weight and sharpness specifications from a commercial blade and a special handle is added for the competitor.

I asked how he even became a contestant in this discipline and he told me that he has good eye-hand coordination.  (Understatement of the year for me so far.)  He even attended the National Circus School of Canada, so he must also be a hell of a juggler…..and he is a fencer.  AND….he has run a 100 mile trail run-  the Black Hills 100 from Sturgis, S.D.  to Silver City and back.  The course has a large elevation gain and loss.

Ben cycled from a young age because his father, I think he said, owned or managed a bike shop in Westminster- The Bicycle Pedaler.  

Terra is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and got a degree in finance from Ashland College.  She cycled from a young age, but later picked up CrossFit. She has ridden centuries across the border in Michigan multiple times.  

Thank you both for your time and your stories.