Lookout Mountain regular Peter Papazian and his wife have three daughters.  Lucine is a doctor (a graduate of Rocky Vista Medical School) who is switching her specialty from general surgery to anesthesiology. As a result she needs to move to Maine for her new residency.  Sosi is staying in Denver because she is a local health care administrator.  The third sister, Anoush, is an attorney and she has always been a late sleeper.  Much to the chagrin of her family, Anoush never outgrew the need to get a bit more shut eye in the mornings, so she is still missing out on the early-in-the-day family bicycle rides up Lookout Mountain.

The matriarch of the family actually set the example for her children because she would transport her children to swim practice and then go for a bicycle ride while they were training in the pool.  I think that it was Lucine that said that her cycling introduction came by taking Peter’s mountain bike out for an occasional spin around the neighborhood.

When I asked about favorite bicycle ride trips or courses, the recommendations came back for riding up to the Maroon Bells outside Aspen or the lake district at the edge of the Dolomites in Eastern Europe- a trip that they took with Experience Plus.

I always enjoy cycling with Peter and was very happy to become acquainted with Sosi and Lucine.  Maybe on a future occasion Anoush will be available for a ride a bit later in the day…..