OK- don’t tell anyone, but this was a mental health break for a couple people in the healthcare industry.  

Mike is originally from Wisconsin and attended Marquette University.  He started cycling right out of college thanks to his friend, Rob, and picked up mountain bike racing.  That led to an effort in the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race, so he knows what an extended effort on a bicycle is all about.  His present profession is in medical sales.

Mike took a break from Lookout Mountain after Tom Flanagan was killed by an impaired driver on the mountain six years ago.  This is his first return trip for an ascent since that happened.

Stacey is a twin.  Yup, there is another person in this world who looks a lot like her.  They grew up in Texas and Stacey attended Texas A&M to get her nursing degree.  She started out as a runner who also could also be out on the trail for an extended period.  She has finished the San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Trail Run. 

And yes, physical health is a big contributor to mental health.  They should know.