Thirty two year old Avrohom is from the U.K.- close to the Scotland border, but he has lost almost all of his British accent since he came to the U.S.  He is just getting used to riding Lookout Mountain and took some breaks on his first ride up the mountain.  On his second ride up, he took fewer leg-loosening breaks and knocked about fifteen minutes off his time.  He credits his friend Avi Bulow for getting him started cycling.  

Educated in the UK, Avrohom attended the Jewish Theological College and became a Rabbi. Here in Denver, he is the assistant to Rabbi Aish Kodesh.  

His usual ride is about 23 miles long and he likes Lookout Mountain because he considers it “breathtaking”.  (An evaluation that probably has a couple significant interpretations in this case.)

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, Avrohom.  And please return to enjoy the foothills of the Rocky Mountains that are so accessible to the cycling community.