Jessica Breeze is a native Coloradan. She grew up in Aurora and attended Overland High School.  When she was in her teens, her family would go on bike rides together from Aurora to downtown Denver.  Later she has used her bicycle to commute to work as an in-hospital midwife.  She had ridden Ride the Rockies and recruited everyone that she could to join her on bike rides.  She has finished two century rides and loves to climb.  Jessica is one of those riders who feels fortunate to be able to ride on Denver bike paths that are isolated from the vehicular traffic.  

Her father-in-law helped to inspire her in her cycling.  He is Denver County Judge Jay Breese who would encourage other people around him to ride to work as many days as possible.  

Jessica’s example is direct and straightforward.  Ride your bicycle- for exercise and for transportation. Her and your example help to promote the same consideration in the people around you.  In other words, what you do is an even more effective communication than what you say.  I am buying the example that she is selling.