Al Neighbors is a person that you should know if you ride Lookout Mountain because he owns d’Deli sandwich shop in downtown Golden……and he rides Lookout frequently.  Even when Seth Boster from the Denver Gazette wanted to write an article about, he wanted to combine his work trip from Colorado Springs to Golden with a visit to d’Deli.  

Unfortunately Al was one of this summer’s bicycle/car victims.  It was not an accident.  The car driver purposely hit him at an angle from behind and taco-ed his back wheel. Al was not seriously injured (but still has a sore wrist).  The driver was followed and confronted by the cyclists near the scene, so the driver was eventually arrested for assault.

Al and Colorado go WAYYYYY  back.  Her grew up in Boulder, went to KU and CU, graduating with a degree in history and then lived in Steamboat and Lyons.  He was a bouncer at the Walrus, a cook and then assistant GM there.  He was the GM at JJ McCabes, then the Table Mountain Inn.  He opened four Woody’s, then was Building Manager at the Thunderhead Lodge where he used to “snowmobile to work” (an all time great gig according to Al).  But now he has had d’Deli since 8:30 AM on September 8, 2004 (that is if you are a detail person and were wondering).  

While he was living in Steamboat, he picked up a 1999 OCLV mountain bike on a bicycle close-out sale and rode it on Rabbit Ears Pass.  Then he got a road bike from John at Peak Cycles.  Now he rides a custom-made bike thanks to Chad Lovings.  It is his prized possession and it is rolling well again thanks to the folks at Trek (Big Ring) Bike Shop in Golden.

Al credits cycling with helping organize his mind- and his memory is like a very well organized file cabinet.

We are glad that you were not injured any worse, Al.  You are very valuable to Golden.