Thirty five year old Matt Sulkis was not a cyclist growing up in Marin County, California.  He did not pick up cycling in college at the University of British Columbia. He says that he did not even know how to change a tire on a bicycle.  But then he applied to Backroads to lead cycling trips and he got the job.  He has now led cycling trips on four continents.  He especially enjoyed leading trips on Mallorca, in Tuscany and in northern Spain.  He recommends the trips from the Pyrenees to Costa Brava or San Francisco to Santa Barbara if you ever have the opportunity.  He will not be traveling for a while as he and his wife are expecting their first child in just about a week.  His current occupation of selling software is keeping him busy locally.  

Her says that he has never been injured in a bicycle accident, but that he came very close when he went over a small rise in Spain and came face to grill with a farm truck.  His bicycle went under the truck and he went over the cab and landed in the bed of the truck.  He had no injuries and even his bike helmet remained intact.  It was a close call, but fortunately all of Matt stayed intact.