I am sorry that I cannot give you the specific reference, but when one of these three mentioned the bicycle group nicknamed ‘Social Climbers’, I thought that the name was very appropriate not only for these three, but for many people on Lookout who enjoy riding together.

Fourth generation Coloradan Leslie Lowery on the left was a mountain bike racer- and maybe still is- who also is a real estate agent (www.ColoradoLeslie.com). She rides uphill because it gets her in better shape more quickly.

Alice Hughes- in the middle- is a sixth generation Coloradan- whose relatives (some years back) owned the Rocky Mountain News and the Croke-Patterson Mansion here in Denver.  She is a stay at home Mom who has two boys, ages 19 and 16.

Attorney John Shepherd used to call Casper, Wyoming and Bethesda, Maryland home before settling in Colorado.  He has four children who just might be a bit older than Leslie’s and Alice’s offspring…..maybe.

The three of them have known each other and have been riding together for about ten years.  They were headed off to ride the ‘Montane Loop’ on the south side of I-70 east of Genesee Mountain.  They cautioned that in places is ‘pretty steep’, but it seems that is the way they like it.