This son/father duo had recently ridden Lookout Mountain for Lincoln’s initial trip up the mountain.  Today Lincoln rode his mountain bike up and noted quite a difference thanks to the increased weight of the bike.  Daughter Lucy was not with them for today’s ride, but she will undoubtedly be a participant in the future.  

Jesse grew up in Greeley and attended CSU studying engineering- which comes in handy today because he teaches engineering at Golden High School in a stem program.

Jesse is the modest sort and would not divulge his best finishes during his mountain biking career (that, I believe included the Leadville 100), but he did say that he switched to cyclocross when he became a father to give his family its requisite allotment of time and attention…..and now he can ride with his son! 

Riding-wise Jesse has a couple favorite pursuits- White Ranch as an off-road ride and a Trip up Lookout on New Year’s Day- something he has done for many years, I understand.