Pete is especially proud of his socks because his wife had their two sons’ images printed on the mismatching socks.  Yep, they are two original socks.  Pete grew up in Fort Collins and realized that the bike was a way to get freedom and a nice way to reset his life.  He started to race for Primal in 2017 and achieved a PR of 20:40 on Lookout Mountain.  He has a goal to break 20 minutes, but as a neurologist for Kaiser (Indiana University School of Medicine after graduating from CU), his training time is limited.

If he is asked about his favorite rides, he directs interest to the Dolomites and western Ireland.

He rides for Team FDR (Frustrated Dad Riders), but intermittently gets out on Lookout Mountain with his socks to remind him of his family obligations.

Good on you, Pete.  It will not be long before your sons will be setting the pace for you on their own bikes.