Neighbors Heidi and Alicia will probably both be known some day as the matriarchs of their own athletic dynasties.  

Heidi grew up in Cañon City (high school class of ’06) where she ran cross country and attended CSU for a couple years before switching to Metropolitan State and getting a degree in computer information systems. But her husband is a bicycle racer who competed in the 2014 Boulder Roubaix and who can ride double centuries with 10K feet of climbing.  Hence the switch from running to cycling for her.  They have two sons, Luke and Charlie, who will probably grow up bike packing (the most recent family interest) to enjoy the outdoors.  Heidi enjoys riding by Carter Lake, Horsetooth Reservoir, Deer Creek Canyon, Lookout and the South Platte Bike Trail.  

Originally from West Fargo, North Dakota, Alicia went to college at North Dakota State University and became a data analyst. She married a semi-pro baseball player and one upped Heidi by having three sons.  Now apparently the sons and the family do it all-  when they are not playing baseball, they are biking, skateboarding, fishing and surfing.

Both these women are extremely engaging and fun, fun, fun people with whom to carry on a conversation.  Thank you both for that opportunity.