Jon Bockelman grew up on dairy farm in Brighton. And- at 65 years old- he still looks as though he could wrestle a steer to the ground and have it crying ‘uncle!!!…..uncle!!!’ without much effort.  

He grew up competing in rodeos and spent his professional career in the physically demanding floor covering business (ReSource Colorado).  

Then he found his real passion- Spartan races.  You can learn more on the internet, but Jon said that the races are mainly competed over muddy obstacle courses of various distances (5K to ultramarathon).  

Jon is a Spartan Race World Champion in his age group (probably due in part to the  fact that his arms are more muscular than the legs on most people).  In 2019 he competed in 29 races in the U.S. and, in addition to winning his age group in the championship race, he finished 24th overall.  He has finished 50 Spartan races all together, and commented that “It is good to keep chasing”.  

I am good with that so long as I am not a person whom he is chasing…..