These two fellows not only ride together, they work together also as accountants for Deloitte.  Tommy, on the left, grew up in Park City, Utah and as you may suspect, loved to ski and mountain bike.  When he turned seventeen he picked up road riding.  Two of his favorite climbs are Guardsman Pass Road back close to home which can reach an incline of fourteen per cent and Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA.  His undergraduate degree and his masters degree are from the University of Utah.

Mason grew up skiing and hunting in Green Bay, WI, but when he started watching the Tour de France at about age 17-18, he was hooked. There is not a lot of climbing close to Central Michigan University where he got his degree- “mostly just flat land, cornfields and cattle”.  He said that he has ridden Lookout twice and “just can’t get enough of it”.  His ‘go-to ride’ is the Copper Triangle.

Thanks for the profiles, fellows.  I hope to see you there again soon.