It is not often that I get to talk to siblings.  In this case, Susan Rome is a very considerate sibling.  Prior to meeting her brother, Jeff Pettitt, Susan stopped by Cafe 13 in Golden to get sticky buns before the ride so that the two of them would not miss out on the delicacy a bit later in the morning. 

She is wearing a New Mexico jersey because that is where the two of them grew up. Their father worked at the lab in Los Alamos.  She became a teacher for Jefferson County and a librarian who just happened to be pretty good at running- to the point that she has completed the Boston Marathon.  One of her favorite local bike rides is the tour around Red Rocks because she loves to look at the scenery.  She also had some good comments about Trek Travel from the trip to Girona, Spain last fall with her  husband, Jerry, Ed Greivel and Dan Dwyer.

Jeff went through the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut and became a helicopter pilot.  He allowed as how he may be one of the few people out here on Lookout Mountain who has finished the run to the top of the Empire State Building. And since he is retired and has no specific reason to live close to the ocean for the Coast Guard anymore, he moved out here to Colorado and has the opportunity to cycle up Lookout Mountain with his sister.  Cool.