Giv Mattingly has learned the advantages of riding an electric bicycle.   He says that you can get as much exercise as you wish since the electric motor will assist you, but the bike is heavy and with a low assist, you can really work hard climbing hills- which he enjoys.

Giv is from Wichita, KS where his father started the first dive shop in the state. So he learned to scuba dive and figured out that he also loves to travel the world.  He got his degree from the University of Kansas and originally sold computers many years ago.  Then he switched to real estate and was a broker from 1982 (he developed lofts in downtown Denver) until he retired recently. 

Giv and his wife had decided that they would get married on an Experience Plus bike trip in Portugal, but they learned that a church wedding was out of the question in Sintra, close to Lisbon.  The only option for a ceremony was in a Catholic Church and they were not Catholic.   They made the alternative decision to get hitched in a civil ceremony and now he assists his wife with the rentals in Playa del Carmen in Mexico ( and enjoys the 50 block long walking mall close to the beach.

One of his favorite stories involves his grandmother, I believe, who, when asked her age said to him “Can you keep a secret?”  When he answered in the affirmative, she whispered, “So can I….”