Scott Newman loved to ski- and still does.  As a retired portfolio manager-originally from New Jersey- he still is a ski instructor at Beaver Creek. 

But years ago, in an effort to stay in shape for ski season, he started to ride his bicycle.  Boy, did he ever.  Early on in his life he lived all over the place and traveled all over the place to boot.  He arrived in Colorado to settle down the day before 9/11. 

He has won a 12 hour race in a charity event on the Bondurance Motor Speedway, riding 165miles.  He has cycled over 500 named passes in France, Italy, Spain, Japan and the US.  One of the reasons for this is that he has participated in the Cent Cols Challenge events.  (I admit that I had to look this up to get the full explanation online.) There are eight events planned for 2022 with a maximum number of accepted riders at twenty per event. The riders put in 200-250 kilometers per day with 5000 meters of climbing for ten days with a rest day in the middle. 

Just let that cycling-dawn-to-dusk concept sink in for minute.  If I got this right, Scott has done at least three of the events in the Alps/Pyrenees, on Corsica and in Japan.  

He has guided bike trips in TX, NM, CO, MT, UT and SD.  You can check out his website at ScottNewman@somecolscolorado.

Not only that, but he approached me to ask me about my Litespeed. He sent his old titanium bike to someone on the Isle of Wight- so he is generous to boot.