Todd Bowen had a Breckenridge Bikery jersey on as I chatted with him.  My mind was reading ‘Brewery’ at first and he later confirmed that the Bikery is located at the Brewery.  That sounded like pretty good planning to me.I have always thought that moderate amounts of beer helps anyone stay young and when he said that he was 63 years old, I was even more convinced that a beer/cycling combination is the elixir of the gods.  He appeared to be about 35 years old, or just about the age of his children.  Originating from Tennessee, Todd became a nurse anesthetist and worked at Saint Anthony’s Hospital.  Cycling to work as a high schooler eventually led him to finish the Leadville 100 Mountain  bicycle Race in 11:07.  I am not sure how old he was when he gained wisdom, but but he was riding with front and rear lights on his bike, a rear view mirror, low gearing, disc brakes and three water bottle cages.  He appeared to be prepared to start this year’s Leadville race from Golden.