There is ‘Texas Tough’ and then there is ‘TEXAS TOUGH’.  Molly McNamara falls into this second category, and so do Tim and Shaunda.  They are from Lubbock where they went to school at Hardin Simmons.  Tim is a consultant and Shaunda is a speech pathologist at Children’s Hospital.

They mentioned that he got her into cycling to add to her running routine and she has thrived.  Tim was also stronger at one point, but he has now has beaten cancer, not once, but twice.  His early bout was when he was in his early twenties.  His second go ’round was about four years ago and he is still ‘recovering’.  (Read further to understand why ‘recovering’ is in parentheses.)  The leukemia required a stem cell transplant, so he encourages his wife to train well to add to her resume of five or six half Ironman Triathlons and the Boston Marathon.  Tim used to run marathons and he is back up to 2-3 mile runs with breaks, but he is grinding away on his road back to become his former athletic self.

They now live here because they were married at Red Rocks and had their reception at Boettcher Mansion even before moving to Colorado.  Her job at Children’s Hospital facilitated the move here.  They have ridden the Copper Triangle and always ride the Courage Classic to support Children’s Hospital.

Thank you both for this profile (and for riding with me) and for the encouragement to stay in shape by this incredible example of extreme grit and fortitude from both of you.  You are both very impressive athletes.

P.S.  Be sure to check out Tim’s riding jersey….   He ‘recovers’ from leukemia by cycling Lookout Mountain…..unbelievable.