Though Eric Packer and I had never met each other, our stories go back quite a ways.  Eric worked on a house when he was in college that his parents were building in Blue Mountain Subdivision at the base of Coal Creek Canyon.  That house is a mere four doors away from our house.  He is now in the process of building another house in Eagle.  He also works for a company that distributes electrical products.  And since I was an electrical lineman, we may have used some of his products in the past.

Now he is gearing up with is friends Jen, Matt, Sabrina and Ben to ride his tenth Ride the Rockies.  Having started riding fifteen years ago on his mountain bike, he seems to be quite happy to have made the transition to road riding, a pursuit that suited his brother, Mike, who was a Cat 3 competitor.

Eric is a Broomfield H.S. graduate and an alumnus of CSU.

It was good to see you on Lookout Mountain, Eric.