Patrick and David K. (profiled earlier) met when the former was still in the insurance business.  Forty year old Patrick grew up in a northern suburb of Chicago close to the Wisconsin state line.  As a result of being home-schooled, he graduated from his high school level education when he was sixteen years old.  He then got jobs working at grocery stores and fast food restaurants and was putting in seventy hour weeks.  He moved on from there to working in marketing in a physical therapy clinic.  He had a business in dental marketing and consulting for a while, but now he is helping to organize a dental office, doing ‘whatever needs to be done’.

He has been rock climber for about 20 years, so of course he would also become a Coloradan to pursue his passion to climb 5.11 routes in Boulder Canyon and Clear Creek Canyon.  He sold his truck about a year ago and now manages to travel where he needs to go on his single speed bicycle, logging 80- 150 miles per week just getting around.

Patrick has fabulous stories about orienteering- especially the story about thinking that he was heading for a tunnel that he did not seem to be able to reach.  He was so sleep deprived that his bicycle headlight convinced his mind that the tunnel was just ahead but unreachable and moving consistently ahead of him as he rode.

It was great talking to you and comparing sleep deprivation stories, Patrick.