Interesting day on Lookout this morning.  There were plenty of riders willing to challenge the wind on a warmer, but very gusty day. Riding downhill on the Clear Creek Canyon side of the mountain was rather dicey.  David K. took a header and came away with just a small scape on his ankle…..but he only weighs about a buck thirty six.  Today was a day that I was glad that I weighed just a bit extra and that I did not have the higher profile aero rims on my bicycle to catch extra crosswind.

I was chatting with Kavi in the parking lot and he said that the bolts on his seat post had a 6x star pattern and he had nothing with which to tighten them.  Christie H. then walked over with her backpack full of odds and ends and began sorting through it to come up with a solution.  (Christie had inadvertently sliced the tip off her index finger about six weeks ago and it had been healing slowly.  Today is her first day without the bandage on her fingertip.)  It just so happened that Kavi is a hand surgeon, now living in the Vail area and he had come to Lookout to get in a road ride.

After he inspected her finger,  the two of them compared notes about how her healing was coming and what she still needed to do to facilitate the process.  It was not an Easter miracle, but it certainly qualified as a good Easter coincidence.

We found a smaller Allen wrench that allowed Kavi to gently tighten the bolts to make the seat rideable and off he went for his own adventure with the gusts.  He did not appear to be more than about a buck-forty himself.

Happy Easter, everyone!