Again I enjoyed chatting with cyclists who are friends and share their interest by riding up Lookout Mountain together.  Drew and Sam are (wait for it) again- water engineers.  And again at least one of them knew a Joe Tamburini, water engineer (this time the son).

Drew is from Georgia and gained a degree from Michigan Tech.  He works on rivers and streams for the Mile High Flood District.  He likes to mountain bike, but chooses his road bike to stay in shape.  He also built his own bike- an ’04 E5 Aerotech.  He purchased the components on Craig’s List and even painted it beautifully himself.

Drew’s former roommate, Sam, is from Akron, Ohio and he attended Carnegie Melon.  Drew worked for a while in Fairbanks, Alaska and rode his gravel bike out the road toward Denali, dodging the buses- because that is the only way non pedaling tourists get to view North Americas’s highest Peak up close.  The local brown bears probably mentioned that to each other that day also.

During the conversation they realized that they will both be working in the Green Mountain area after Drew’s company makes a move next year.