Brian gave himself away as an engineer by telling me that he built up his own bicycle.  (I thought that I had a 50-50 chance on that guess.) It is a beautifully retro Colnago and it serves him well.

Brian grew up in Nebraska, but got his civil engineering degree from CU.  He now works more in sales for Foley Products which manufactures pipe.

As with many people with whom I have conversed on Lookout, he has competed in triathlon races- one of his races was in Fort Morgan.

Brian and his girlfriend, Dee Dee, love to sail and Brian still indulges his interest in cycling and skiing, but his real passion is rearing his two sons who reflect his own personality as one enjoys the physical activity and the other- mental challenges.  I would not be surprised if they both excel in both areas some day.

Thank you, Brian.  I enjoyed the conversation.