Sunday was the date of the Colorado School of Mines annual road race up Lookout Mountain.  As I was riding as a non entrant, Matt passed me with a backpack strapped to his shoulders.  I asked if he had already finished and he replied that he was supporting his wife- whom he said is faster than he.  I later discovered that he is a Category 1 cyclist and that his wife was riding a twenty five minute racing lap on Lookout.  To understate the situation, they are a power couple.

Matt had previously won the Mountain State Cup series and was (or is) the captain of the Primal Cycling Team.  Graduating from CSU, he spent ten years as a nurse in emergency medicine and has recently started an IV business called ONUS.

Kelly was a pole vaulter at Saginaw Valley State College and  earns a living as a civil engineer.

The power couple moved to Golden so they would have easy access to Lookout Mountain and foothills trails.

Go ahead, top that.