I do not know if I have talked to two people who seem to be such power hitters that they are always swinging for the fence as Anna R. and Amy M.  

When I asked for profiles, they allowed that they were just running and not cycling on this day.  I am glad that we continued on.

 They both had attended Metro State a while back and both had become commercial pilots.  Both of their husbands are pilots also.  Anna flies a 737 for United and Amy pilots a United AirBus 320.  

Anna, who now lives in Wheatridge and is the daughter of a flight attendant, worked her way up through the private/commercial civil air ranks.  She has three children ages 15,13, and 11 who are very physically active- just like their mother.  

Anna even knew the only other woman pilot with whom I was familiar (Southwest Airline’s Malia D.) and went to school with the commercial pilot who is such an accomplished pianist that he plays in hotel lobbies on his layovers and was featured on NBC Nightly News recently (Beau B.).  

Amy is from an Air Force family (both her father and her brother are A.F. pilots) and the Air Force is where she earned her wings. 

The two women have known each other for fifteen years and trained for triathlon/running races together for thirteen years.  Amy was the initial instigator in their mutual athletic endeavors, but she says that Anna has started suggesting new avenues to explore.  Catch this……

Anna has finished four full distance Ironman Triathlons and the two of them have finished two half Ironman Triathlon distance races together- Boulder- 2018 and Coeur d’Alene- 2019.  They both qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2019 but had to wait until 2021 to run the race because of the 2020 CoVid cancellation.  They just finished the Lake Sonoma Trail Marathon which featured 5,600’ of vertical.  They have run the Big Sur Marathon, cycled the Copper Triangle, backpacked the Grand Canyon and climbed many fourteeners together. 

In addition to their heavy personal obligations, they are both very personable and friendly.

Thank you both for taking the time to talk.