Kurt is from Chicago.  He got his degree from Illinois State and became a physical therapist.  (Kristine S. gives him a very high recommendation for his help as a therapist.)

He comes from hardy stock.  His Father was a Navy pilot and a wrestling coach.  When Kurt was young, he participated in just about every sport that was available to him.  He played football, baseball, soccer, he swam, ran cross country and of course, wrestled.  (He does admit to being bit hyperactive as a child., but he had to match his two brothers at every turn.) He bought his first bike when he was nine years old so that he could deliver newspapers.  Although he had a good mountain biking career early on, when I asked him about some favorite rides, he listed many climbs in Europe like the Stelvio, the Gavia, the Motorola, and of course, Alpe d’hues.  He may work for Active Motion Physical Therapy, but his heart is in the mountains.  Just thinking about those climbs probably makes his legs twitch.