Kristine Schaal is a regular rider on Lookout Mountain.  It is her gym, her ‘church of the Spoke’- as she defines it.  She loves that the cycling course feels safe and quiet to her.  (A partial result of riding mostly in the mornings.)

She was born and grew up in Seattle, the daughter of a Swedish mother and a father who had been a captain in the Marine Corps.  But she was born with scoliosis and her spine took a good bit of work for her skeleton to understand that it needs to be straight for her to become the cyclist that she is today.  She has had discs removed and vertebrae fused, but she can still turn her head while riding her bike to check on a car sneaking up on her from behind.  When she was forty years old, she rode the triple bypass to get started cycling.  Now she has a PR on Lookout of 25:10 and rode a 25:22 (as verified by Strava) last year.  So far her sons are runners, but they have a strong example set for them as cyclists if they decide to switch pursuits.