Brad Gorman (on the right in the picture) has Colorado running through his veins.  His father was stationed at Camp Hale with the mountain troops (he served in the Korean War) and was a rock climber and had some first ascents on Long’s Peak.  Brad was born at Saint Anthony’s, lived in Lakewood and later Evergreen.  Graduating from Evergreen High School, he headed for CU where he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Then he went to Aspen.  Few folks can say that their work history includes being a bartender at the Little Nell, but that is about as seriously Coloradan as it gets.

Lately he has a couple divergent occupations.  He is an artist and he showed me a really fine work that he painted- from a friend’s porch in Golden- of North and South Table Mountains.  He also does residential electrical work, so he admits that he is wired a bit different from many people.

Brad rode his first Lookout when he was about 40 years old and had a real sense of accomplishment, so he comes back, but he still really enjoys rides like the Government Trail, Sand Creek, and other gravel trails.

Good on you, my Man.  Glad you stayed in your home state.