Lesli & Kim

Lesli on the left is an import from Utah by way of CU. She has a new career in public relations/outdoor recreation. (She used to work- and ski- at Vail Resorts). As with many riders on Lookout, she is also a gravel/mountain bike rider and has plans to ride the Steamboat Gravel 104 miler this coming summer since one of her favorite rides is Buffalo Creek.

Kim on the right started off in New York and completed her undergraduate work at the University of Richmond. She used to be a cheerleader and has has previous arm surgery to thank for getting her on a bike. The stationary bike was a good method to stay in shape and stay stable at the same time. From there she started teaching spin classes. She did her graduate work at Fordham at the Manhattan/Lincoln Center campus. Her cycling career is seven years old and she also is a gravel/mountain biker.

Start Wednesday, 3/30/22, 3 PM
Finish 4:10 PM
Cyclists on descent 4
Vehicles on descent 9
Ratio of cyclists/vehicles 1 to 2.25

Chuck H.

LOM laps 2022 27
LOM laps lifetime 3284