Ryan M. has been an avid cyclist ever since his mother convinced him to go for a bike ride to help her with her physical training many, many years ago. Ryan rode Ride the Rockies when he was 14 years old. He had become the proud owner of a pair of tights and a jacket from volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Roadrunners for 20 hours of service. At that time, the tights were not so tight, but his interest in cycling did not wane as he grew older and gradually filled them out.

Years later, Rick Brune and I convinced him to join us on a ride to the top of Mount Evans. Ryan had not ridden to the summit parking lot on his bicycle to that point, so he was eager to get there before heading down. As the clouds were forming to the West, he got some advice that the ride down may be challenging, but he made it to the top as the wind blown rain started to take a horizontal tack. Ryan was the toughest among us that day. As Rick and I huddled in the restroom at Summit Lake, Ryan kept heading down to the lodge at Echo Lake, giving us good reason to admire his resolve.

He is now a patrol sergeant with a local municipal police force and has the same resolve for his job that he as for his cycling.

Start Friday, 3//25/22, 9:10 AM, 37 degrees
Finish 11:30 AM, warming
Cyclists on descent 11
Vehicles on descent 11
Ratio of cyclists to vehicles 1 to 1

Chuck H.

LOM laps 2022 23
LOM laps lifetime 3280