Brian McPeek started his athletic career in Canton, Ohio.  When he was young, he biked everywhere and as he grew older he played hockey and soccer.  Then he did his undergraduate work at Duke (a diehard basketball school if you are recently disconnected).  But soon he was involved in a student hosteling program, leading bicycle tours for college students in New England, the UK and France.  More recently he worked for the Nature Conservancy where he hired our good friend Dietmar Grimm.  Thy both have moved on since then and Brian is working on a project called Enduring Earth that has the purpose of establishing national parks around the globe.

He has endured a double hip replacement, so as with many other aging athletic people, he now rides his bike to keep fit.  He really enjoys the rides up Lookout and joins bike tours when his busy schedule allows.

Say hello to him if you se him on Lookout.  You will not regret it.