Amy Shonstrom (seen here cuddling with her dog Keifer) does not limit herself to cycling- even though she was on a four woman team that won the distaff category of the Ride Across America in 2012 with an elapsed time of 7 days and 36 minutes. (Inhale, pause, then exhale while those facts sink in.) Yes, she is also headed to the world rowing championships in France next September. But first she has to rehabilitate the right arm fracture that she sustained on her bike trip to Girona with husband Mike last fall. That’s a lot of activity for someone who started out as a competitive swimmer.

She grew up in relatively small Nashville, Illinois, went to school in Louisiana, worked on Wall Street in the commodites market, married Mike and moved to Colorado. Now she is unbelievably busy selling real estate….along with everything else.

She is pretty sure that her mind numbing indoor rowing has brought her back to within ten percent of her previous strength level. There are probably many other chapters integral to this life story, but you will have to ask her for more details.

Start Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 8:15 AM, 28 degrees
Finish 10:45 AM, 35 degrees
Conditions Breezy and cold

Chuck H.

2022 LOM laps 20
Lifetime LOM laps 3277