(From Sunday, February 27, 2022)

Red Braz has taken a few detours in his life. When he started college, he was thinking that he would go into the Catholic Seminary at some point- just a bit of a detour from his parents’ direction as they were both in the military in special forces. Though he has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, he now works for a company that installs equipment for people who are handicapped and he enjoys his work very much. He grew up in Wray, Colorado, adept enough in wrestling that he placed fifth in the state in his weight class. His competitive nature led him to cycling for the Subaru Groove cycling team. Though his racing career is just getting started, he has ‘found his groove’ as a climber. In the last year he was weekly putting in 250-300 miles with 10K to 15K feet of climbing.

Thanks for the profile, Red. You may just have found your niche on the roads, looking ahead and uphill.

Start Monday, February 28, 9:25 AM, 50 degrees
Finish 10:35, 53 degrees
cyclists on descent 3
Vehicles on descent 5
Runners/walkers 1

Chuck H.

LOM laps 2022 10
LOM laps lifetime 3271