Scott had me thinking to myself “Really?…no kidding?” more than once while I was talking to him. At first he seemed a bit reticent to divulge information about himself. Then I found myself thinking that there are probably a lot of his friends who say very positive things about him behind his back anyway. In spite of his appearance, he is over 70 years old. In spite of being over 70 years old, he rode 15,500 miles last year (he knows because he keeps track). In spite of riding 15,500 miles last year, he is very pleasant in conversation….that is if you can stay with him on the bike….or keep him from taking off before he gets on his trusty steed (my tried and true method).

Scott is originally from Overland Park, Kansas, but he has been in Colorado for 42 years. After he got a degree and a post graduate degree in software engineering from the University of Kansas, he went to work for Bell Labs, specializing in design. His engineering thought process was evident as he schooled me on the best caliper bike brakes even though he uses disc brakes these days. He rides with Team Evergreen and smiled as he told me a story of his friend Gaspar, who, after hearing about riding to the top of Mauna Kea on the big island in Hawaii, just had to give it a try and became the second fastest rider as shown on Strava.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, Scott. Really. No Kidding.

Start Saturday, March 19, 2022, 9:30 AM, 39 degrees
Finish 11AM, 46 degrees, delightful day
Cyclists on descent 21
Vehicles on descent 12
Runners/walkers 9 ( many more on ascent- looked like a team event)

Chuck H.

LOM laps 2022 18
LOM laps lifetime 3275