David “Binkley” Binkowski sports some very fit looking legs for- an almost- 58 year old. His response to that observation was that he was “Too slow to be fast and too fast to be slow.” As a friend of Ned Overend, he has a rather unique perspective in that respect.

But he did win a stage of the Tour de Gila… (?)- did I get that right?…or Gila Classic… when it finished in Telluride some years ago. He has also ridden the Iron Horse Classic from Durango to Silverton since the 1980’s.

He went to high school at Cheyenne Mountain and college at Fort Lewis. He now owns a franchise of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services- Real Estate of the Rockies. (He even apologized for the long name.) David used to run when he was working nonstop for many years but, as of two weeks ago, he has a sweet gravel bike to ride- an Argon 18. I think both the rider and the ride were raring to go up Lookout- in spite of his lightly bandaged finger that was threatening to bleed a bit and add some red to his black/white riding apparel.

I doubt that he has named his new ride, but the name “Silver” and a black half-mask to replace the fashionable shades would be appropriate. “Hi, Ho, Silver and away!!!”- ….if he could do a wheelie in the process, that is…)

I could not count the lap in my totals because Dave Dolfinger and I were smiling as we cruised up the hill on our electric bikes. Dave’s more powerful electric assist would propel him 26 miles an hour on the flats. My foldable 20”-wheeled bike could not keep up, but that did not keep me from grinning as I cruised on what I refer to as my “anemic motorcycle”.